AICC Israeli member Headway to start clinical trials with a device to alleviate chronic head pain

January 29, 2009


HeadwayMedical Ltd. will conduct medical trials on its patent pending OcciflexTM device that offers an innovative solution for treating chronic head and neck pain, utilizing proven physical therapy principles with a simple, accurate, safe and non-invasive device. The trials will be conducted at the Bnei Zion Medical Center in Haifa and will include trials in 10 patients. Headway presented at AICC’s Medical Committee and joined the chamber in 2008.

Founded in 2006, Headway was established to develop and market innovative medical solutions for management and treatment of chronic head and neck pain. The Company operates within the framework of  Misgav Venture Accelerator at the Misgav Business Park in Israel.

AICC President Tom Glaser: War Doesn’t Slow Israeli-Georgia Commerce

January 26, 2009


rally1While Israel weathered rocket attacks and sent tanks into the Gaza Strip in response, the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta continued business as usual, recruiting companies here.

“The activity was as robust as it has ever been,” said Tom Glaser, the chamber’s Southeast regional president. “Our business with Israel did not change at all.” The business impact of the fighting between Israel and Hamas was largely localized, said Mr. Glaser. “Certainly within Israel where rockets were hitting cities, there was impact on businesses that provide services to local people,” he said.

But the chamber is working with international companies based in Israel, many in the health care and technology fields, that were not disrupted.

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YCD Multimedia, Deveoloper of Smart Onsite Digital Media Solutions, Joins AICC

January 25, 2009

ycdlogoYCD Multimedia, a Shefayim-based developer of a complete turnkey solution for retailers to build brand equity, customer loyalty, drive sales, and increase profits with offices in New York and the UK  joins AICC. YCD has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Aroma Café (Israel), Toyota(GB), and more, fusing audio and video content in a way that produces a peerless, immersive customer experience, tailored to each location, with an ease of management, deliverability, and affordability.  Based on a hardware and software-as-a-service model for a monthly per site license fee, enabling the client to remotely control and manage every facet of onsite digital media. CEO Barry Salzman and Director of Business Development Josh Kampel presented to the Software Committee and asked for assistance in introductions to end customers including in particular retail, automotive, and fast food chains and to businesses that serve retail such as agencies, retail design and packaging, etc. Committee members were very enthusiastic and offered their assistance.


AICC Member Celltick Launches First Global Advertising Network for the Idle Screen

January 23, 2009

celltickCelltick Technologies Ltd., the pioneer of Active Mobile Marketing, has introduced a new medium into the mobile space. Its flagship product, LiveScreen(TM) Media, allows content providers and advertisers to broadcast targeted content and marketing messages to millions of mobile idle screens, turning them into a network of interactive billboards, creating a strong revenue stream for operators.

Celltick participated in AICC Business Exchange with Amdocs and at&t in April 2008

Celltick, the leading provider of idle screen mobile marketing,  announced the launch of, the world’s first web-based ad server which allows local and global advertisers to purchase idle screen advertising in all markets where Celltick’s LiveScreen Media platform is operational. The platform was built in collaboration with BidVertiser an international ad network serving billions of ads per month, using a proprietary ad serving platform.

This announcement further reinforces Celltick’s stated media strategy. The first phase was to shift its business model from selling technology to managing a media channel for operators. These services have already achieved critical mass in their respective markets and are currently covering over 20 million users.

Stephen Dunford, CEO of Celltick, said: “Celltick is proud to be launching a global ad network specifically for the idle screen. The idle screen represents one of the biggest mobile advertising opportunities in the coming years, and we are already well placed to serve ads to millions of mobile customers around the world. provides a central hub for advertisers of all sizes to interact with customers on a local, personalized and timely manner.”

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AICC Members Collaborate: Kaltura Integrates its Open Source Video Platform with PLYmedia’s Video Enrichment Platform

January 22, 2009


kalturaKaltura provides the world’s first Open Source Online Video Platform. With more than 15,000 active publishers, Kaltura’s flexible framework empowers any site with advanced video functionality. Founded in 2006, Kaltura’s open source code is available as a free Software Development Kit and as downloadable packages for leading platforms – such as Drupal, WordPress and MediaWiki. Kaltura also provides supplementary paid services including maintenance, support, integration, professional development, streaming and hosting, ad serving, content syndication, and aggregation of related third party services.  Since its public launch, Kaltura has won numerous awards, such as the TechCrunch40 People’s Choice award, Mashable’s ‘Open Web’ award and TV Week’s 5 Video Startups to Watch in 2009.  Kaltura joined AICC in 2009 and presented to the Software Committee. 

plyjEstablished in 2006, PLYmedia is a pioneer in the enhancement of the online video experience, powering rich-media overlays solutions with its proprietary technology, PLYplatform™. PLYmedia delivers a range of applications for video contextual enrichment focusing on subtitles, information (people, music, products) and monetization solutions. The company offers a personalized, enhanced and interactive web video experience bringing new context and meaning to video. For more information, visit . PLYmedia Joined AICC in 2007 and participated in the New Media and Web 2.0 business exchanges.

Already in use by several Kaltura customers, publishers using the Kaltura Platform can now enjoy PLYmedia’s compelling video services including multi-lingual sub-titles, captions, information layers, bubble comments and more.

New York, NY, January 21, 2009 – Kaltura, Inc., developer of the first open source video platform, and PLYmedia announced today that the companies have integrated their technology platforms in order to offer sites even more ways to enhance their online video experience with additional interactive layers of information . With the new service, Kaltura customers can enrich their video with layers of translation, information about the music and objects in the video and unique monetization capabilities.   Several Kaltura customers are already using the technology and launched subtitles for their videos.

“We’re constantly working to provide added value to our customers in the form of cutting edge technology and interactive video features.  Partnering with PLYmedia was a clear choice,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman and CEO.  “The combination of our open source technology with added-value services allows publishers to enjoy the most advanced video capabilities, at a fraction of the price.”

Many of Kaltura’s customers cater to an international audience, and multi-lingual subtitles are a critical feature in reaching and expanding that audience.  Moreover, as most videos are watched in an office environment or muted, closed captioning is becoming a necessity for online video. With PLYmedia’s full capabilities incorporated into Kaltura’s platform, publishers can easily add subtitles and extra informative layers to their videos.  More specifically, PLYmedia’s language accessibility services enable site owners to offer subtitles, closed captions, sign language and voice-over in any language on their videos. It also adds further forms of interaction with the audience.  Users can add pop-up bubbles, text, images, clipart and subtitles as well as find out more information about specific objects and people they find inside a video.

“In today’s online world it is imperative to provide a compelling and sticky experience if you want to hang on to your audience.  Standard display of video on a site is no longer enough,” said Ben Enosh, CEO and Co-Founder of PLYmedia. “Kaltura’s interactive video platform is a natural place for PLYmedia’s technology to be.  Together we offer a truly comprehensive set of engaging online video capabilities.”

AICC member Jacada’s unified desktop system featured in CIO magazine

January 16, 2009


jacadaJacada (NASDAQ: JCDA) is a leading provider of unified desktop and process optimization software solutions for the customer service and support market. Jacada’s products and services are focused on two of the most important issues facing companies in today’s uncertain marketplace – customer retention and cost reduction. Jacada is a Herzliya based company with its world headquarters now in Atlanta. Oren Shefler, Jacada’s General Counsel is a member of AICC Board of Directors.

Nationwide Uses Unified Desktops to Boost Customer Satisfaction

What’s one way to keep customers happy? Making your employees’ lives easier. Nationwide Insurance’s IT department did just that by streamlining the applications that a customer service representative (CSR) uses to handle calls. Now a unified desktop solution links disparate applications to give reps a single view of a customer’s information.

Since implementing the new system, Nationwide has decreased call time by up to 20 percent, and a CSR can take up to 10 extra calls per day.

Srinivas Koushik, CIO for Nationwide’s Property and Casualty Division, began thinking about how IT could improve service after visiting the company’s call centers. He noticed that IT hadn’t provided a single tool to make work easier for the CSRs. Before unification, billing, claims and administrative data were housed in different programs that loaded separately, which lengthened call time and led to customers being put on hold.

The WorkSpace solution from Jacada is a browser-based interface with tabs for billing, claims, logistics and sales. CSRs can quickly see customer information so they can make informed decisions about handling a call.

“The new system puts all the information together in one place,” says Koushik. The CSRs also have to master fewer programs, which shortens training time. Koushik and his team have rolled out the solution to two of the company’s four call centers.

Nationwide created a kind of dashboard for the CSR, says Bob Hafner, managing VP of communications applications for Gartner. This trend is gaining traction as information mash-ups are becoming common and the tendency is to “bring dissimilar but necessary applications together for the individual to do their job.”

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Driving safety innovator GreenRoad joins AICC

January 15, 2009

greenroadBill Dale, GreenRoads’ Atlanta based sales manager for the Southeast presented today at AICC’s Software Committee meeting hosted by Cloud Sherpas at their Buckhead location. GreenRoad’s headquarters is located in CA and the r&d is in Israel.  The company was introduced to AICC by Benchmark Capital during AICC’s mission to Israel.

Green Road technology improves driver safety, and significantly reduces crashes and fuel consumption by instantly identifying risky drivers and empowering them to change their behavior behind the wheel. GreenRoad’s flagship service offering is GreenRoad Safety Center.  This service combines in-vehicle technology with integrated web applications that continuously rates driving skills and behavior, trains drivers in real time by providing feedback as they drive, and sustains behavior improvements through continuous reinforcement. By improving driver safety, GreenRoad Safety Center significantly reduces crashes and fuel consumption.

Sectors targeted for this product are:
Fleet Operators: Crash and fuel costs are two of the top three costs for fleets.  Aggressive driving behavior is a contributor in 95% of crashes, and leads to injuries and fatalities. Unsafe drivers also waste fuel and increase carbon emissions as vehicles burn 10-15% more fuel when driven aggressively.  Safety Center changes driver behavior, and as a result, users have experienced 25-50% fewer crashes and significantly decreased crash and fuel costs.
Insurers:  Greenroad is partnering with Insurance Companies to develop products to target their high risk drivers, for example teen drivers.  Greenroad provides insurance companies with the opportunity to develop unique offerings for high risk drivers that will enable them to improve their risk profile and reduce their premiums.

GreenRoad is funded by leading private equity investors including Benchmark Capital, Balderton Capital and Virgin Green Fund.


January 14, 2009

Independent Research Report Profiles Earnix as a One of the Companies That Are Reinventing Insurance Information Technologies

earnixEarnix is a leading provider of customer value and pricing optimization solutions for insurers and banks.  Earnix solutions are used by leading financial services companies worldwide to optimize customer relationships and drive significant improvements in profitability.  The company is led by a team of seasoned professionals with significant financial services background combined with expertise in optimization technology and enterprise software development.  Earnix is privately held and funded by prominent venture capital firms.  

“We are honored to be named by Forrester as a company to watch by insurance companies.  Like the entire financial services sector, insurers are in search of inventive operational models in order to adapt to the new realities in the financial markets and the global economy.  Despite and maybe because of the financial turmoil, we are seeing a significant uptake in the interest in the Earnix solution among insurance companies and banks alike,” said David Schapiro, Earnix’s Chief Executive Officer.

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AICC Israeli Member Kenshoo announces an iPhone interface for KENSHOO SEARCH

January 13, 2009

logo_coatedKenshoo joined AICC at the US-Israel Web 2.0 Business Exchange in September 2008. Kenshoo is the provider of KENSHOO SEARCH, the only 3rd generation end-to-end search marketing platform. Built utilizing the Quality Management™ approach, KENSHOO SEARCH enables marketers to optimize every aspect of their campaigns to achieve maximum ROI. Kenshoo’s automation and optimization technology is being used today by ad agencies and advertisers on five continents and in dozens of languages. Kenshoo is backed by venture capital firms Sequoia Capital and Arts Alliance.

Kenshoo Press Release

Kenshoo Inc. is excited to announce that KENSHOO SEARCH, the next generation Search Engine Marketing campaign management solution, is now accessible from iPhone. Kenshoo clients who are also iPhone users will now be able to view campaign statistics and reports on their iPhone browser.

With the increasing popularity of iPhone and greater infrastructure for wireless browsing while out and about, it seems like everyone wants and expects to have immediate access to everything online at the moment they need it. By introducing this new function, Kenshoo is making it easier for online marketers to view campaign figures and reports at their convenience. Whether an ad agency executive or an affiliate marketer, being able to keep tabs on budget and campaign success is critical. “In today’s dynamic marketplace it is crucial to have an up to date report of your search campaigns. The iPhone interface provides a convenient real alternative for our clients to get updated reports on the go without the hassle of sitting in front of a computer.” said Alon Sheafer, VP Products of Kenshoo.

Kenshoo developed this functionality after seeing the exceptional growth of iPhone users and in anticipation of more to come in 2009. These users are mobile savvy, creative and on the go – typical of online marketers. And now they can get the reports when they want when they want them.

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Why the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce-Southeast Region will thrive in 2009

January 11, 2009

(Excerpt  from a blog post on Israel Innovation 2.0)

Regarding the Atlanta/Southeast region, towards the end of 2008, the AICC-Southeast region created a blog for posting the latest news related to any of its companies and partnerships. To get an idea of what can be expected this year in that region and why it will still thrive, here are titles of some blog entries about Israeli companies and the Southeast region from the end of November to the end of December 2008:  

  • January 2009
    M T W T F S S
  • Accel AICC Board Alliancesphere Amdocs at&t Atlanta Atlanta Business Chronicle Benchmark BlogTV Business Exchange Cellcom Celltick Cisco CleanTech Comverse Deals Eagle Star earnix Escape Rescue Fring Funding GDEcD GeorgiaPower Given Imaging GSMA Harmonic Headquarters HP ICQ IDB IMA Infogin Innovid Israeli Companies Israeli Companies in SE jacada Jeff Pulver Jon Medved Kayote Networks Ken Stewart Lorin Coles M&A maggie bellville Mazor Medical Committee Medtronic members Mission Mobile Monday MobiMate Motorola My6Sense Oxendine PerSay PLYmedia Project Better Place Red Herring Scopus Security Committee SemantiNet Sequoia SIT Software Committee Telecommunications Committee telehealth Texas Instruments Microsoft TodaCell Veritas Vringo Water WorldMate Yokneam-Megiddo Yossi Vardi YouTube Zohar Zisapel