AICC member OUforU’s Kosher Restaurant – now open for dinner

March 31, 2009

Atlanta Kosher vegetarian – dairy cafe’ and AICC member OUforU announced it will expand its hours and will now be open for dinner starting April 1st. The new hours are Sun – Thu 9:00am to 7:30pm, Fri – 9:00am to 4:00pm, Sat – closed

Alon Pinhasi, a well known figure in Atlanta’s Israeli and Jewish community has established this restaurant to serve the Israeli, area businesses,  and Kosher observing communities in Atlanta offering a centrally located and convenient place to dine and meet. 

OUforU also provides AKC supervised dairy and non-dairy catering services. OUforU joined AICC in 2009.


GGL Global Gaming and AICC member 5min Score Partnership

March 29, 2009

5min5min develops technologies and platforms that power the targeted syndication and monetization of online video content. 5min is creating online vertical content networks which it programs with content-rich video on lifestyle interests including arts, business, fashion, sports, home, music, health, tech, food, among others. Having developed a proprietary semantic technology to power its VideoSeed distribution platform, 5min serves contextually-relevant video from its extensive destination site library of expert instructional titles licensed from the world’s leading media studios and semi-professional independents. 5min’s content is broadcasted on and across its vast network of comprehensive knowledge and vertical interest site publishers. The company joined AICC in 2007 and participated in the US-Israel New Media Business Exchange.

Global Gaming (GGL), the world’s largest online communities for mainstream and avid gamers and 5min (, the Internet’s leading distributor of knowledge-based, professionally-produced instructional video, today announced a partnership to bring contextually relevant and dynamically delivered video segments to GGL’s social platforms. The partnership will leverage 5min’s VideoSeed platform and proprietary SmartPlayer™ to offer GGL Media’s more than 20 million monthly unique users a compelling feature to help them manage their gaming lives across thousands of game titles. With this partnership, 5min will provide the GGL communities with the most up-to-date videos relevant to the niche gaming culture to enhance and expand its already popular gaming destinations. In addition, GGL users will have an easy way to share tips, insights, strategies and commentary around their favorite game titles within the GGL community environment.

“The partnership between 5min and GGL further reinforces the benefits of the syndication economy,” said 5min CEO Ran Harnevo. “As the GGL network becomes populated with 5min’s expansive video library, the highly engaged and finely targeted audience of GGL will undoubtedly attract a new wave of content producers and brands to the various communities. The connection between destination, producer and advertiser is a dynamic relationship that 5min is determined to cultivate through various niche verticals, including gaming.”

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Duluth’s Innovation Factory and Israel’s Polytex present at AICC Medical Committee

March 28, 2009

AICC March Medical Committee meeting was hosted by Habif Arogeti & Wynne at their new Atlanta offices. Yelena Opova, a Partner, welcomed the group. The Innovation Factory presented the organization and Polytex presented their solution. The committee recapped the very successful US-Israel Telehealth Business Exchange from February and started discussing a possible future event. The committee decided to go ahead with a luncheon on May 18th for the 16 Israeli companies attending the BIO 2009 conference in May. Twenty six members, guests and staff attended the meeting chaired by Charlie Harrison.

tifCEO Steven Waite presented this Duluth-based company that funds promising medical technology ideas in their earliest stages, develops them into groundbreaking products, and leads them to market via new companies that they launch and manage.  The company was founded 10 years ago, and three of the partners were founders of Novoste.  They have funded 10 companies, raising $400 million for them, and have access to other significant investors in Boston and Silicon Valley who co-invest.  Their first fund was raised in 2003, and invested $55 million, and the second fund of $175 million has invested half of the amount in TIF’s own companies and the other half in other medical device companies.  An aesthetic device portfolio company recently had a $300 million exit. 

 Recognizing Israeli’s creativity in medical device technology, TIF began to focus on Israel in 2006, and subsequently have reviewed over 200 technologies and developed close relationships with universities, VCs, incubators, and entrepreneurs there.  They look to invest in companies that have a $.5 to $1 billion market opportunity with a clear path for regulatory and reimbursement.  They have seeded research programs in Israel and visit Israel six times a year.  Their goal is to start one new company a year from Israel.  

polytexGabe Blau gave a presentation on this Hadera-based company whose US subsidiary is in the New York area.  The company has developed a solution for dispensing, retrieval, and management of textiles including uniforms, towels, garments, and more.  The system provides real-time information and detailed reports about inventory status, consumption, and the condition of the system itself and effectively tracks usage and prevents losses through designated distribution of items using advanced textile identification technology.  Their target market is hospitals, and they have three different scrub dispensing machines with 80 systems currently installed including many of the leading hospitals in Israel.   


VIGSM-Skuko presented at AICC Telecommunications Committee March meeting

March 26, 2009

AICC’s March Telecommunications Committee meeting was hosted by CarterBaldwin at their Roswell offices. David Sobocinski, CarterBaldwin’s Managing Partner welcomed the group and commented on the fruitful relationship between the firm and AICC. VIGSM-Skuko presented their technology followed by a discussion on the proposed US-Israel Mobile Business Exchange. Sixteen AICC members and staff attended the meeting chaired by Maggie Bellville at her first meeting as chair of the committee. Maggie thanked Laurie Olivier, the previous chair for his great contribution to the group and Laurie pledged his continued activity and support.


skukuZiv Rotblit, Sales Manager, presented VIGSM – Skuku, a Petach Tikva based company  that has developed Skuku, a unique solution for roaming that combines the GSM network and VoIP technology. Skuku puts the power of VoIP into the SIM card by placing your SIM card from your mobile into the Skuku Stick (USB adapter) or Skuku Phone (USB handset), you turn the PC into your mobile phone Skuku is now active in 11 countries: USA, UK, France, The Netherlands, India, Mexico, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Palestinian Authority & Lithuania and is currently in the process of establishing POP’s in additional countries.

 The benefits of Using Skuku are:

·        No need to change already familiar phone number, contact list, SMS, and SIM-based features when traveling.

·        No need to buy a local SIM or using regular VOIP services that don’t preserve your identity and don’t allow callbacks.

·        Pay only local rates from anywhere in the world. International calls are cheap, and calls to any Skuku user are free!

·        By placing your SIM card from your mobile into the Skuku Stick (USB adapter) or Skuku Phone (USB handset), you turn the PC into your mobile phone.

 The company is asking for assistance in introduction to Mobile accessories stores, travel agencies, business service companies, ex-pat associations, VoIP providers, telecom companies, hotel chains, and investors.


Gartner names AICC member WorkLight “Cool Vendor” in Web Technologies for 2009

March 25, 2009



WorkLight is a venture-backed company with offices in New York, London and Israel. WorkLight has received prestigious industry accolades including being named as one of the “10 Startups to Watch in 2009,” by Network World magazine, selected as part of CIO Magazine’s Web 2.0 Product Suite, singled out with an honorable mention as one of Computerworld’s “10 Cool Cutting-edge Technologies on the Horizon.” 

Worklight joined AICC in 2008 and participated in the US-Israel Web 2.0 Business Exchange.

WorkLight, a Web 2.0 for Business Company, today announced that it has been selected as “Cool Vendor” by Gartner Inc., in the report (i) entitled “Cool Vendors in Web Technologies, 2009” by Gene Phifer, Ray Valdes, David W. Cearley, Thomas Otter, and David Mitchell Smith. 

The Gartner report states- “Many enterprise Web technologies started on the public Web. The movement from consumer oriented, public Web use to enterprise-oriented use is called ’consumerization.’ …Unencumbered by a large base of legacy clients, these cool Web technology vendors rapidly deliver leading-edge functionality that can deliver significant benefits to the enterprise.”

“This marks an important milestone in the acceptance of consumer social media as business tools. We see organizations across many industries looking for ways to incorporate Web 2.0 tools and services into their marketing, sales, distribution and internal business processes, but they are concerned about security, scalability of services, supporting a multitude of Web 2.0 interfaces and integration with their existing systems,” said Shahar Kaminitz CEO and Founder of WorkLight. “We are excited to be leading of this movement, and especially proud to be recognized by one of the industry’s foremost analyst firms as a Cool Vendor.”

WorkLight enables companies to use consumer Web 2.0 technologies such as social networks, desktop and web-based widgets, iPhone applications, RSS and more, to engage customers, partners and employees securely. Examples of how companies are using WorkLight today to drive business with Web 2.0 include:

Bank offers customers the ability to manage accounts, transfer funds and pay bills using a Vista Sidebar gadget, an iGoogle gadget, Facebook or an iPhone app
An international publisher enables distributors and resellers to track hot titles and order books via Apple Dashboard, Windows Live gadgets and Yahoo! Widgets, securely extending its SAP system
A publicly-traded consultancy allows employees to log billable hours directly through an iGoogle gadget, Facebook, and a slew of desktop widgets

Kaminitz added: “In 2009, we expect to see a dramatic rise in the use of social media tools and Web 2.0 technologies for business, as these innovative tools continue to drive mainstream adoption in both the personal and professional worlds. We look forward to a wide range of new opportunities as companies now realize that consumer Web 2.0 tools can be used securely.”

Over 100 people participated in the Better Place Breakfast Briefing

March 22, 2009

 p1000619     p1000623
Over 100 people attendend American Israel Chamber of Commerce‘s breakfast Briefing featuring Mike Granoff, Head of Oil Independence Policies at Better Place hosted by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

Tom Glaser President of AICC and Hans Gant,   Senior Vice President of MACOC greeted the audience and Robin Spratlin of the event’s corporate sponsor Georgia Power introduced the speaker.

Mike Granoff told the personal story of Shai Agassi and how his vision for the solution to fossil fuel dependency is structured as a business venture and explained the Better Place program to a very engaged audience. Granoff methodically detailed the reasons why electric is the only viable long term solution for the personal vehicle and the advantages and challenges of creating the infrastructure that supports the use of these vehicles. 

The event was organized by AICC’s CleanTech Committee and was cosponsored by the Consulate General of Israel to the Southeast, Southeast Energy Efficiancy Allince, Green Chamber of the South, American Jewish Committee, the Atlanta Regional Committee, American Israel Educational Institute, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.

To View and Download Pictures:

BetterPlace 03-19-09

GreenAnySite and GPV present at AICC Software Committee March meeting

March 20, 2009

AICC’s March Software Committee meeting was hosted by Gilly Segal of Alston & Bird at their Midtown Atlanta offices. The meeting started with a brief presentation by Gilly on licensing issues during a time of economic downturn from the perspectives of the licensee and the licensor. GreenAnySite and GPV presented their technology followed by a discussion on Israeli Software companies to be recommended to AICC’s Investment Task Force and a follow-up discussion on companies that are currently being assisted by AICC. Twenty three AICC members and staff attended the meeting chaired by Lorin Coles.


Tal Ater,  introduced GreenAnySite, a Ramat HaSharon based company developing an innovative tool that lets online shoppers easily donate a portion of any online purchase to the environment, at no cost to them. The company’s technology is based on using existing business and affiliate marketing practices in an innovative way.

GAS works by offering the user a special link he can bookmark and then click whenever he shops online. That bookmark analyzes the site the user is currently shopping on, and creates an affiliate link back to that page in real-time. By clicking that link back to the store and purchasing something, the user is basically telling that store that GAS sent him to them, and that store pays GAS a percentage of the purchase as a commission this commission is in then donated to environmental organizations. The company currently has the technology to track what users are shopping for in real time, offer extra information relevant to it, and also collect aggregate data over time on shopping habits. A user can choose to publish data on his contributions to his blog, social networks, etc.


Nurit Zelig introduced GPV, a Raanana based business transition and project management consulting company that helps companies avoid business disruption during IT application transformations such as ERP/CRM implementation & upgrade, mergers & acquisition, downsizing and consolidation. GPV designs and manages business wide transition projects in real time shared multi-user system environment allowing real time communication, coordination, visibility, accuracy and efficient project control. The GPV system organizes, defines and calculates dynamic risk levels and covers all aspects of control for management. 

The return on investment using the GPV software and methodology comes from cross organization communication and coordination with efficient time management, short and secured transition period, preserve customers, suppliers, business partners, revenue stream and creating contingency plans to operate your business when failure scenario occurs.

PolytexUSA distributor of Israeli PolyTex Technologies Ltd. Joins AICC

March 19, 2009

polytex PolyTexUSA is a marketing company with extensive experience in textiles that has marketing rights for PolyTex Technologies Ltd equipment for North and South America, PolytexUsa is interested in introductions to hospitals, health clubs, gyms, and food processing plants.

PolyTex Technologies is a Hadera based company established in 2005 with 20 employees that developed an application that provides a solution for dispensing, retrieval, and management of textiles, including uniforms, towels, garments, and more. Existing Clients include Hadassah and Assaf Harof’e hospitals, Intel manufacturing plant, and Shape Health Clubs in Israel. The use of this system prevents loss of textiles, reduces laundry bills, eliminates inconvenience of out-of- stock textiles, and reduces labor costs.

  • The Polytex system can hold up to 1600 unique garments. This is equivalent to 800 scrub sets versus 128 scrub sets in contemporary systems.
  • Capacity of 800 scrub sets means a huge savings in manpower and never running out of scrubs at an inappropriate time. When stocking  7 sizes this allows for 114 scrub sets for each size versus 18 in current system.
  • The Polytex system dispenses scrubs by personalized sizes and colors. This means that employees can get a different size top and bottom so their uniforms will fit.
  • The ability to deliver the exact size uniform to the user will reduce the wasted laundering which results when people take 2 sets of uniforms to get their correct size.
  • Personalized sizing results in enormous employee goodwill.
  • Loading the Polytex machine takes a fraction of the time compared to competitive systems.  800 scrub sets can be loaded in less time than current 128 set systems.

Landmark Ventures Joins AICC

March 17, 2009

landmarkNew York based Landmark Ventures is a venture development firm working with growing technology firms and venture capital funds specializing in strategic sales, market entry, client acquisition and fundraising services. Sitting on the critical seam between technology, business and capital; Landmark ensures a balanced flow of resources while building a catalytic foundation for venture growth.

Landmark Ventures’ diverse portfolio AICC member companies AdYouNetPerSay, and Sterna.  

Other Israeli portfolio companies include Eurikify,  Aternity,  BioPetroClean,  e-Glue,  ActionBase,  Comtec,  E4X,  M-Wise,  NextNine,  Netformx,  Picom Software Systems,  Power IDPower Paper ,  Safend,  Triana Technologies, and  Odysii.

March 13, 2009

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