AICC member GreenRoad Technologies Raises $15M from a new investor

May 31, 2009

Source: Globes Online 5/31/09

GreenRoad Technologies Inc. has raised $15 million in a financing round led by DAG Ventures, a new investor.

GreenRoad CTO Ofer Raz and chief of safety Hod Fleishman founded the company, which is based in California, has sales offices in the US and UK, and an R&D center at Or Yehuda, in Israel. The company develops solutions for improving driver safe and fuel-efficient driving habits. The company’s system has sensors that analyze up to 120 separate driving events in real-time, and transmits the data to a red-yellow-green LED light display, which provides the driver with immediate feedback. The device also transmits the safety data via cellular modem to the GreenRoad servers to evaluate overall driving risk and skills.

Green Road technology improves driver safety, and significantly reduces crashes and fuel consumption by instantly identifying risky drivers and empowering them to change their behavior behind the wheel. GreenRoad’s flagship service offering is GreenRoad Safety Center. This service combines in-vehicle technology with integrated web applications that continuously rates driving skills and behavior, trains drivers in real time by providing feedback as they drive, and sustains behavior improvements through continuous reinforcement. By improving driver safety, GreenRoad Safety Center significantly reduces crashes and fuel consumption.

Bill Dale, GreenRoads’ Atlanta based sales manager for the Southeast presented earlier this year at AICC’s Software Committee meeting, and the company joined AICC shortly therafter. In addition to Dag Ventures, GreenRoad is funded by leading private equity investors including Benchmark Capital, Balderton Capital and Virgin Green Fund.

Full Globes Article

Guest Post: Why Does Your Company Need a Green Story?

May 22, 2009

R. Krishna Avva

Logo for WebI know what you’re thinking … my company doesn’t do anything green, or I’m not green enough, or nobody cares anyway.

Green is the new differentiator in this tight economy. Studies have shown that if you have a green presence, customers are willing to pay a premium up to 16% to use your products or services. Interestingly enough, they will penalize a company up to 28% if they are not green, when compared to green companies. You don’t even have to sell green products or services to use this differentiator in your story. I’ll explain this a little later.

So, what does a green presence mean? Basically, your company has to prove any or all of the following:

  • Your products or services save your users/clients costs in energy consumption, resource utilization and/or operating expenses.
  • Your products or services help your users/clients save their clients/users costs in energy consumption, resource utilization and/or operating expenses.
  • You have a green strategy in your practices.
  • To a lesser extent, you are doing your part to save the planet.

What if you don’t sell green products or services? No worries. If you have a strategy to be green in your operations or approach, these activities can be explained in your green story. If you support or sponsor green initiatives with your partners, you can have a green story.

What is a green story? A green story is a case study or white paper you use to explain how you are green, in either your products or services or the way your company behaves and operates. The components of a green story include:

  • Detail the problem needing to be solved
  • Describe the journey to determine a solution
  • Describe the solution your company provided
  • Talk about the benefits gained
  • Intersperse customer testimonials to give it a more authentic tone
  • Maybe include some specific features and functionalities, but this may be saved for a separate sales brochure

Another important facet is the story needs to be engaging. A conversational tone helps the reader feel you are sitting across the table and talking directly to them. No need for formal words and complicated technical terms.

Finally, a green story is no different than any good business story except for the addition of doing the right thing. All good business stories must address elements of cost savings, competitive edge and customer testimonials. A green story takes it to the next level and puts you ahead of your non-green competition.

About Krishna Avva
picture for web - smallerKrishna Avva is the Cleantech Storyteller and President/CEO of Avva Communications. He is responsible for the planning, execution, and delivery of communications-related projects and initiatives for his clients. From a green perspective, he has been developing a range of documentation for his clients from initial business plans for start-ups with elevator pitches to guidebooks for end-users, to case studies, white papers and success stories utilized by clients to explain their products/services in a clear and concise format.

Cleantech Storyteller joined AICC in 2009

For more ideas on how to tell your green story: or 678-935-7343.

Israeli Companies CheckLight (Water Safety) and Odysii (Digital Signage) join AICC

May 21, 2009

CheckLightKiryat Tivon based CheckLight Ltd.’s mission is to enable global water utilities & related organizations to protect and ensure drinking water safety & quality by developing, manufacturing and delivering innovative early warning solutions which detect a wide range of contaminants quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. CheckLight’s vision is that its solutions will become a global industry standard to be used on a regular basis by every organization involved in protecting the environment.

CheckLight focues on developing rapid, highly sensitive, cost effective quality control bioassays to monitor various parameters of water quality. The ability to quickly, easily and accurately determine whether an environmental sample is contaminated is of great importance to anyone who has an interest in protecting public health and the environment.
CheckLight fills this void by supplying its customers with innovative methods, testing kits and online monitors for real time water quality monitoring. CheckLight’s proprietary-based technology utilizes non-pathogenic luminous marine bacteria as sensitive sensors. CheckLight’s scientific team has succeeded in simplifying the bioassay by delivering user-friendly products that can be easily used in either the field or laboratory setting. The company works closely with customers to optimize testing solutions for their specific needs.

As part of their commitment to the US market and the Southeast, Check Light has recently hired an Atlanta based representative.

odysii Odysii is a Herzliya based company that provides marketing intelligence solutions to enable businesses to communicate with on-site customers more effectively, with targeted, dynamic messages. Odysii works with retail banks, hotels, retailers, restaurants, government agencies, and other consumer-facing businesses in over 25 countries worldwide including Bank Santander, HSBC, Western Union, McDonald’s, Blockbuster and Hilton to help increase sales, cut in-store communication costs, and delivers a superior customer experience.

Odysii provides marketing intelligence solutions that enable businesses to communicate with on-site customers more effectively, with targeted, dynamic messages; Odsii solutions enable the retailer to deliver the right content, to the right audience, at the right time, and the right place – to positively impact customer purchase decisions and maximize up-sell and cross-sell opportunities resulting in increased revenue; The software is an enterprise grade solution that encompasses analytics and post-production modules as well as adaptive learning to meet the challenges of real-time creation and delivery of the right content items per location and offered in a SaaS model.

Odysii is seeking introductions to retail banks, QSRs (quick service restaurants) and hospitality, OEM opportunities, joint venture partners or distribution partners.

AICC President Tom Glaser Says Israel Is a Technology Powerhouse (TechDrawl Interview)

May 20, 2009

Tom Glaser, Founder and President of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Southeast Region, says Israel is a “technology powerhouse” in life sciences, security, cleantech, and information technology, and the Atlanta area is one of the top 5 centers in North America for Israeli companies. 

Click to read the article and watch the video:

AICC hosts Israeli Deligation to BIO

May 18, 2009

P1000710One hundred people attended AICC’s Lunch reception for the 19 Israeli Companies attending the BIO Conference in Atlanta. 
P1000733The lunch was hosted at the Atlanta Metro Chamber and was co-sponsored by US-Israel Science & Technology Foundation, Arnall Golden Gregory, Israel Life Science Industry, Office of the Israel Chief Scentist, Israel Economic Mission to the Southern Region, Georgia BIO, Matimop, Georgia Department of Economic Development, Bird Foundation, and the American-Israel Educational Institute, Southeast, Inc.

Charlie Harrison, President of Wynden Pharmaceuticals and AICC Medical Committee Chairman  MC’ed the event.
Dr. Eli Opper, Israel’s Chief Scientist encouraged investments in life science companies despite of the global economic crisis.

P1000724Dr. Eric Tomlinsion, President & CEO of Altea Therapeutics, on behalf of GeorgiaBIO, highlighted the points of growth for the life science industriy in Georgia.

P1000723More pictures

AICC Welcomes the Israeli Companies Attending BIO in Atlanta

May 15, 2009

Nineteen Israeli biopharma companies will be in the official delegation to the international BIO conference in Atlanta next week. The Medical Committee of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Southeast Region is partnering with industry and economic development groups from Israel and the Southeast on a special event to welcome them on May 18th. 

Dr. Eli Opper, Chief Scientist of Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor will be the event’s keynote speaker. Dr. Eric Tomlinson, CEO of Atlanta-based Altea Therapeutics will share information about Georgia’s life science community to the Israeli companies in his capacity as Co-chair of the Board of Georgia BIO.

“We’re pleased for this extraordinary opportunity to show hospitality to our industry colleagues from Israel and help make this global event a success for them,” said Charlie Harrison, president of Wynden Pharmaceuticals who chairs the Chamber’s Medical Committee and serves as chairman-elect of AICC’s board.

Aposense Ltd.® (formerly NST) is a clinical stage molecular imaging and drug development company. A pipeline of products based on its patented platform technology for targeting apoptosis (programmed cell death) in vivo. The Aposense® compounds perform selective uptake and accumulation within the apoptotic cells form the early stages of the death process. Successfully evaluated in clinical trials and available for non-exclusive licensing

Core Dynamics brings science fiction to life with innovative freezing, thawing and freeze drying technologies for cell, tissue and organ preservation. Clinical applications of this unique technology are already being used in cartilage repair procedures for knee injuries.

Consortium Bereshith for Cell Therapy – The Israeli consortium for cell and stem cell therapy was originated by companies and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labour. The aim of the initiative is to unite academia & industry to develop new technologies.

Do –Coop Technologies, Ltdis a private company based in Israel. Do-Coop was formed in 1997 in order to develop and commercialize novel water-based materials using Nanotechnology for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as additional industries.

Foamix Ltdis a drug development company, specializing in dermatologic and other topical products. While developing our own products, they cooperate with pharmaceutical companies in developing other products, containing their specific drugs and cosmetic active agents.

Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd.(“HBL”) was founded in order to allow public participation in the highly promising field of biotechnology. For the first time, public investment is allowed to participate in a holding entity including companies based on IP generated by Israel’s foremost medical research center – Hadassah University Hospital (“HU”). In addition to the public holdings (33%) – including major Israeli institutional investors, HBL is held by Hadasit ( The traded stock, as a unique investment vehicle, provides investment exposure to a select cluster of 9 biotech companies – all based on inventions developed and owned by HU.

The Haifa Life Science Park – IsraelHaifa Economic Corporation Ltd. is a corporation fully owned by the Municipality of Haifa, operated as an independent business entity. The corporation was established in 1972 by the Municipality of Haifa as a business corporation for the development of Haifa. Since its establishment, it has promoted city development, while initiating and building projects in the fields of environment, infrastructure and productive businesses.

HealOrHealOr, a privately owned company founded in 2002, focuses on development (regulatory driven) and marketing of innovative topical therapeutics for dermal skin pathologies. The company brings up a novel approach for the curing wounds and skin disorders.

ITTNThe Israel Tech Transfer Organization (ITTN) serves as the umbrella organization for Israel’s technology transfer companies. These companies are affiliated with the country’s world-renowned universities and research institutions. Currently, the 12 partnering organizations comprise the shareholders. ITTN intends to add more members from Israel’s government-owned medical centers and research institutions. ITTN is a private non-profit organization.

KAHR Medical‘s technology and IP, is the result of breakthrough discoveries by Professor Mark L. Tykocinski and by his research team at the University of Pennsylvania. This team, together with research teams at Hadassah Medical Center have spent the last 8 years developing novel genetically engineered fusion proteins that have great immuno-therapeutic potential for a wide variety of autoimmune diseases.

Modigene Inc is a publicly traded biopharmaceutical company utilizing patented technology to develop longer-lasting, proprietary versions of already approved therapeutic proteins. Company focus on approved proteins with established safety and efficacy records.Future products designed to dramatically reduce number of interventions required.

MND Diagnostics Ltd.’s detection technology is unique. It breaks the bounds of current technological restraints, being based on the diagnosis of live enzymes in body fluids. This means that infectious disease agents can be detected in their active, reproductive state, in contrast to the techniques of traditional PCR tests. Not only that, but MND”s platform can detect multiple pathogens in a single test. It doesn’t require lab work as the whole test is done in just a few minutes as opposed to several hours in the case of PCR.

Optimata Ltd.A modeling-based biopharmaceutical company, Expert in predictive biosimulation, Optimata mathematically models patient physiological and pathological processes, along with the dynamics of drug-patient interactions, with a special focus on cancer and onc ology drugs.

Oramed PharmaceuticalsOramed Pharmaceuticals (OTC:ORMP.OB) is developing proprietary technology for the oral delivery of drugs presently administered by way of injection. Through its patented flagship product, an oral insulin capsule currently in Phase 2 trials, the Company is seeking to revolutionize the treatment of diabetes.

Pharma Focus IsraelPFC Pharma Focus is a premium International Research Management Organization which brings a new look to the drug development experience by addressing the limitations of conventional study practices. Established in 1992, our professional team has innovative knowledge in modular project management and actual global experience in managing compliant trials, from crafting an effective clinical development plan to a successful study completion.

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc.(NASDAQ: PSTI; DAX: PJT) is a bio-therapeutics company dedicated to the commercialization of allogeneic (non-personalized) cell therapy products for the treatment of a variety of severe degenerative, ischemic and autoimmune disorders where current therapies are unavailable or inadequate.

ProtAbis focused on the development of novel therapeutic agents that modulate cytokine regulation, tipping the balance toward anti-inflammatory signaling pathways in the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. ProtAb’s therapeutic approach is uniquely based on stimulating a molecule that suppresses inflammation, unlike current drugs on the market which are designed to suppress molecules that stimulate inflammation.

Protalixis a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of recombinant therapeutic proteins based on the proprietary ProCellEx™ protein expression system. Using the ProCellEx™ system we are developing a pipeline of proprietary recombinant therapeutic proteins based on our plant cell-based expression technology that target large, established pharmaceutical markets and that rely upon known biological mechanisms of action.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries the leading generic pharmaceutical company, marketing products from a wide range of therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, anti-infective, CNS, anti-inflammatory, oncolytic, antidiabetic, analgesic, dermatology, respiratory, and female healthcare. Teva USA has an aggressive Research and Development effort and one of the best overall ANDA approval records in the industry

Innowatech and Greenlet Technologies present at AICC’s May CleanTech Committee meeting

May 15, 2009

AICC’s May CleanTech Committee meeting was hosted by Ervan Hancock of Georgia Power at their Atlanta headquarters. Innowatech and Greenlet Technologies presented their technology followed by discussion on the US-Israel CleanTech Forum and a proposed business exchange. Krishna Avva of  CleanTech Storyteller discussed his consulting business that is geared to helping young Cleantech companies better describe their value proposition as well as US companies to showcase their “green stories”. Twenty six AICC members, guests, and staff attended the meeting chaired by Gene Rubel.

InnowatechYael Greenberg presented Innowattech a start-up that has developed a new alternative energy system that harvests mechanical energy imparted to roadways, railways, and runways for passing vehicles and trains, and converts it into green energy. System is based on a new breed of piezoelectric generators that harvest energy that normally goes to waste. The company is based in Ra’anana with research facilities at the Technion in Haifa. Advantages include:

  • Economically competitive to traditional carbon-based energy production.
  • The movement energy of roads, railroads and runways all day long near population centers can be converted into electrical energy and supplied to nearby customers.
  • The electrical storage system does not take up any public space and functions in all weather conditions.
  • The system does not require any additional maintenance after its implementation.
  • The solution can serve as information gatherers in future “Smart Roads” and “Smart Airports.”

GreenletAvner Cohen and Itay Karelic presented Greenlet Technologies a Tel Aviv-based start-up that has developed a highly-integrated system for the Smart Grid market using Internet, IT and power electronics. The core technology allows fast deployment of Peak Shaving and Demand Response programs for customers using small loads without the need for professional installation, reducing time to market and maximizing cost cutting for utilities and customers.

Greenlet’s suite is comprised of a central software application which tracks power consumption, implements load balancing algorithms, sends commands for power reduction, and calculates the payback customers are eligible to get for power curtailment. Leveraging a patent pending core technology, the solution allows fast deployment of units that control electrical loads in an economical fashion and requires no professional installation. Greenlet is seeking introduction to utilities that are looking for Peak Shaving solutions and willing to become beta sites for trials. Also seeking introduction to US investors.

Odysii presents at AICC Software Committee May meeting

May 13, 2009

AICC’s May Software Committee meeting was hosted by Lorin Coles of Alliancesphere at their Atlanta offices. Murray Bookman updated the committee on Cisco‘s entering the server market and aggressive acquisition campaign. Odysii presented their technology followed by a discussion on Israeli Software companies to be recommended to AICC’s Investment Task Force and a follow-up discussion on companies that are currently being assisted by AICC. The committee sugested its next event be focused on Cloud Computing and established a team to explore the details. Twenty four AICC members and staff attended the meeting chaired by Lorin Coles.

odysiiBenzi Axelrod, and Elad Halperin  introduced Odysii a Herzliya based company that provides marketing intelligence solutions to enable businesses to communicate with on-site customers more effectively, with targeted, dynamic messages. Odysii works with retail banks, hotels, retailers, restaurants, government agencies, and other consumer-facing businesses in over 25 countries worldwide including Bank Santander, HSBC, Western Union, McDonald’s, Blockbuster and Hilton to help increase sales, cut in-store communication costs, and delivers a superior customer experience.

Odysii provides marketing intelligence solutions that enable businesses to communicate with on-site customers more effectively, with targeted, dynamic messages; Odsii solutions enable the retailer to deliver the right content, to the right audience, at the right time, and the right place – to positively impact customer purchase decisions and maximize up-sell and cross-sell opportunities resulting in increased revenue; The software is an enterprise grade solution that encompasses analytics and post-production modules as well as adaptive learning to meet the challenges of real-time creation and delivery of the right content items per location and offered in a SaaS model.

Odysii is seeking introductions to retail banks, QSRs (quick service restaurants) and hospitality, OEM opportunities, joint venture partners or distribution partners.

AICC member Delek US swings to profit

May 9, 2009

Gains from higher inventory value and insurance claims pushed the company into the black.

Globes 5/7/2009

delekUSDelek Group Ltd. (TASE: DLEKG) subsidiary Delek US Holdings Inc. (NYSE:DK) today published its financial report for the first quarter of 2009. The company noted that the results were affected by last November’s fire at its Tyler refinery in Texas. Nevertheless, the company posted a profit for the quarter, despite a 70% drop in revenue to $352.7 million for the first quarter from $1.17 billion for the corresponding quarter.

Delek US posted a net profit from continuing operations of $1.6 million ($0.03 per share) for the first quarter, compared with a net loss from continuing operations of $5.2 million for the corresponding quarter of 2008. However, the company reported an adjusted net loss from continuing operations of $2.5 million ($0.05 per share). The adjusted figure excludes after-tax gains of $4.1 million for increased value of inventory and property damage.

The company based in Brentwood, Tenessee joined AICC in 2007 and was a finalist for the “Israeli Company of the Year” award in 2008 Eagle Star Awards Gala 

Full Article

Musician Paul Winter at AICC Breakfast Briefing

May 6, 2009

p1000666Four times Grammy award winner Paul Winter told AICC audience about his support of nature and conservation projects in Israel,  the American Society of Nature in Israel (ASPNI), the International Center for the Study of Bird migration (ICSBM) and the Israel Ornithology Center (IOC).

Winter has become very involved with these issues in Israel through his project Flyways, a musical celebration of the migration of half a billion birds along the Great Rift Valley from Eurasia through the Middle East to South Africa and back. Flyways will chronicle this extraordinary journey, using music of the cultures of the 22 countries over which the birds fly, interwoven with the actual voices of migrating birds, including cranes, eagles, bee-eaters, thrush nightingales, and many others. “Migrating birds know no boundaries” is the theme for the project, which involves musical collaborations across cultures, concerts, a CD/DVD, and an educational program to raise awareness, awaken awe and wonder, promote peace, and assist the work of a range of local conservation and cultural organizations throughout the region. The Flyways project also supports efforts to designate the Great Rift Valley as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, bringing together in common cause the 22 states of the Great Rift Valley.

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