Guest Post: Why Does Your Company Need a Green Story?

May 22, 2009

R. Krishna Avva

Logo for WebI know what you’re thinking … my company doesn’t do anything green, or I’m not green enough, or nobody cares anyway.

Green is the new differentiator in this tight economy. Studies have shown that if you have a green presence, customers are willing to pay a premium up to 16% to use your products or services. Interestingly enough, they will penalize a company up to 28% if they are not green, when compared to green companies. You don’t even have to sell green products or services to use this differentiator in your story. I’ll explain this a little later.

So, what does a green presence mean? Basically, your company has to prove any or all of the following:

  • Your products or services save your users/clients costs in energy consumption, resource utilization and/or operating expenses.
  • Your products or services help your users/clients save their clients/users costs in energy consumption, resource utilization and/or operating expenses.
  • You have a green strategy in your practices.
  • To a lesser extent, you are doing your part to save the planet.

What if you don’t sell green products or services? No worries. If you have a strategy to be green in your operations or approach, these activities can be explained in your green story. If you support or sponsor green initiatives with your partners, you can have a green story.

What is a green story? A green story is a case study or white paper you use to explain how you are green, in either your products or services or the way your company behaves and operates. The components of a green story include:

  • Detail the problem needing to be solved
  • Describe the journey to determine a solution
  • Describe the solution your company provided
  • Talk about the benefits gained
  • Intersperse customer testimonials to give it a more authentic tone
  • Maybe include some specific features and functionalities, but this may be saved for a separate sales brochure

Another important facet is the story needs to be engaging. A conversational tone helps the reader feel you are sitting across the table and talking directly to them. No need for formal words and complicated technical terms.

Finally, a green story is no different than any good business story except for the addition of doing the right thing. All good business stories must address elements of cost savings, competitive edge and customer testimonials. A green story takes it to the next level and puts you ahead of your non-green competition.

About Krishna Avva
picture for web - smallerKrishna Avva is the Cleantech Storyteller and President/CEO of Avva Communications. He is responsible for the planning, execution, and delivery of communications-related projects and initiatives for his clients. From a green perspective, he has been developing a range of documentation for his clients from initial business plans for start-ups with elevator pitches to guidebooks for end-users, to case studies, white papers and success stories utilized by clients to explain their products/services in a clear and concise format.

Cleantech Storyteller joined AICC in 2009

For more ideas on how to tell your green story: or 678-935-7343.

Innowatech and Greenlet Technologies present at AICC’s May CleanTech Committee meeting

May 15, 2009

AICC’s May CleanTech Committee meeting was hosted by Ervan Hancock of Georgia Power at their Atlanta headquarters. Innowatech and Greenlet Technologies presented their technology followed by discussion on the US-Israel CleanTech Forum and a proposed business exchange. Krishna Avva of  CleanTech Storyteller discussed his consulting business that is geared to helping young Cleantech companies better describe their value proposition as well as US companies to showcase their “green stories”. Twenty six AICC members, guests, and staff attended the meeting chaired by Gene Rubel.

InnowatechYael Greenberg presented Innowattech a start-up that has developed a new alternative energy system that harvests mechanical energy imparted to roadways, railways, and runways for passing vehicles and trains, and converts it into green energy. System is based on a new breed of piezoelectric generators that harvest energy that normally goes to waste. The company is based in Ra’anana with research facilities at the Technion in Haifa. Advantages include:

  • Economically competitive to traditional carbon-based energy production.
  • The movement energy of roads, railroads and runways all day long near population centers can be converted into electrical energy and supplied to nearby customers.
  • The electrical storage system does not take up any public space and functions in all weather conditions.
  • The system does not require any additional maintenance after its implementation.
  • The solution can serve as information gatherers in future “Smart Roads” and “Smart Airports.”

GreenletAvner Cohen and Itay Karelic presented Greenlet Technologies a Tel Aviv-based start-up that has developed a highly-integrated system for the Smart Grid market using Internet, IT and power electronics. The core technology allows fast deployment of Peak Shaving and Demand Response programs for customers using small loads without the need for professional installation, reducing time to market and maximizing cost cutting for utilities and customers.

Greenlet’s suite is comprised of a central software application which tracks power consumption, implements load balancing algorithms, sends commands for power reduction, and calculates the payback customers are eligible to get for power curtailment. Leveraging a patent pending core technology, the solution allows fast deployment of units that control electrical loads in an economical fashion and requires no professional installation. Greenlet is seeking introduction to utilities that are looking for Peak Shaving solutions and willing to become beta sites for trials. Also seeking introduction to US investors.

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