AICC Welcomes the Israeli Companies Attending BIO in Atlanta

May 15, 2009

Nineteen Israeli biopharma companies will be in the official delegation to the international BIO conference in Atlanta next week. The Medical Committee of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Southeast Region is partnering with industry and economic development groups from Israel and the Southeast on a special event to welcome them on May 18th. 

Dr. Eli Opper, Chief Scientist of Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor will be the event’s keynote speaker. Dr. Eric Tomlinson, CEO of Atlanta-based Altea Therapeutics will share information about Georgia’s life science community to the Israeli companies in his capacity as Co-chair of the Board of Georgia BIO.

“We’re pleased for this extraordinary opportunity to show hospitality to our industry colleagues from Israel and help make this global event a success for them,” said Charlie Harrison, president of Wynden Pharmaceuticals who chairs the Chamber’s Medical Committee and serves as chairman-elect of AICC’s board.

Aposense Ltd.® (formerly NST) is a clinical stage molecular imaging and drug development company. A pipeline of products based on its patented platform technology for targeting apoptosis (programmed cell death) in vivo. The Aposense® compounds perform selective uptake and accumulation within the apoptotic cells form the early stages of the death process. Successfully evaluated in clinical trials and available for non-exclusive licensing

Core Dynamics brings science fiction to life with innovative freezing, thawing and freeze drying technologies for cell, tissue and organ preservation. Clinical applications of this unique technology are already being used in cartilage repair procedures for knee injuries.

Consortium Bereshith for Cell Therapy – The Israeli consortium for cell and stem cell therapy was originated by companies and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labour. The aim of the initiative is to unite academia & industry to develop new technologies.

Do –Coop Technologies, Ltdis a private company based in Israel. Do-Coop was formed in 1997 in order to develop and commercialize novel water-based materials using Nanotechnology for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as additional industries.

Foamix Ltdis a drug development company, specializing in dermatologic and other topical products. While developing our own products, they cooperate with pharmaceutical companies in developing other products, containing their specific drugs and cosmetic active agents.

Hadasit Bio-Holdings Ltd.(“HBL”) was founded in order to allow public participation in the highly promising field of biotechnology. For the first time, public investment is allowed to participate in a holding entity including companies based on IP generated by Israel’s foremost medical research center – Hadassah University Hospital (“HU”). In addition to the public holdings (33%) – including major Israeli institutional investors, HBL is held by Hadasit ( The traded stock, as a unique investment vehicle, provides investment exposure to a select cluster of 9 biotech companies – all based on inventions developed and owned by HU.

The Haifa Life Science Park – IsraelHaifa Economic Corporation Ltd. is a corporation fully owned by the Municipality of Haifa, operated as an independent business entity. The corporation was established in 1972 by the Municipality of Haifa as a business corporation for the development of Haifa. Since its establishment, it has promoted city development, while initiating and building projects in the fields of environment, infrastructure and productive businesses.

HealOrHealOr, a privately owned company founded in 2002, focuses on development (regulatory driven) and marketing of innovative topical therapeutics for dermal skin pathologies. The company brings up a novel approach for the curing wounds and skin disorders.

ITTNThe Israel Tech Transfer Organization (ITTN) serves as the umbrella organization for Israel’s technology transfer companies. These companies are affiliated with the country’s world-renowned universities and research institutions. Currently, the 12 partnering organizations comprise the shareholders. ITTN intends to add more members from Israel’s government-owned medical centers and research institutions. ITTN is a private non-profit organization.

KAHR Medical‘s technology and IP, is the result of breakthrough discoveries by Professor Mark L. Tykocinski and by his research team at the University of Pennsylvania. This team, together with research teams at Hadassah Medical Center have spent the last 8 years developing novel genetically engineered fusion proteins that have great immuno-therapeutic potential for a wide variety of autoimmune diseases.

Modigene Inc is a publicly traded biopharmaceutical company utilizing patented technology to develop longer-lasting, proprietary versions of already approved therapeutic proteins. Company focus on approved proteins with established safety and efficacy records.Future products designed to dramatically reduce number of interventions required.

MND Diagnostics Ltd.’s detection technology is unique. It breaks the bounds of current technological restraints, being based on the diagnosis of live enzymes in body fluids. This means that infectious disease agents can be detected in their active, reproductive state, in contrast to the techniques of traditional PCR tests. Not only that, but MND”s platform can detect multiple pathogens in a single test. It doesn’t require lab work as the whole test is done in just a few minutes as opposed to several hours in the case of PCR.

Optimata Ltd.A modeling-based biopharmaceutical company, Expert in predictive biosimulation, Optimata mathematically models patient physiological and pathological processes, along with the dynamics of drug-patient interactions, with a special focus on cancer and onc ology drugs.

Oramed PharmaceuticalsOramed Pharmaceuticals (OTC:ORMP.OB) is developing proprietary technology for the oral delivery of drugs presently administered by way of injection. Through its patented flagship product, an oral insulin capsule currently in Phase 2 trials, the Company is seeking to revolutionize the treatment of diabetes.

Pharma Focus IsraelPFC Pharma Focus is a premium International Research Management Organization which brings a new look to the drug development experience by addressing the limitations of conventional study practices. Established in 1992, our professional team has innovative knowledge in modular project management and actual global experience in managing compliant trials, from crafting an effective clinical development plan to a successful study completion.

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc.(NASDAQ: PSTI; DAX: PJT) is a bio-therapeutics company dedicated to the commercialization of allogeneic (non-personalized) cell therapy products for the treatment of a variety of severe degenerative, ischemic and autoimmune disorders where current therapies are unavailable or inadequate.

ProtAbis focused on the development of novel therapeutic agents that modulate cytokine regulation, tipping the balance toward anti-inflammatory signaling pathways in the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. ProtAb’s therapeutic approach is uniquely based on stimulating a molecule that suppresses inflammation, unlike current drugs on the market which are designed to suppress molecules that stimulate inflammation.

Protalixis a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of recombinant therapeutic proteins based on the proprietary ProCellEx™ protein expression system. Using the ProCellEx™ system we are developing a pipeline of proprietary recombinant therapeutic proteins based on our plant cell-based expression technology that target large, established pharmaceutical markets and that rely upon known biological mechanisms of action.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries the leading generic pharmaceutical company, marketing products from a wide range of therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, anti-infective, CNS, anti-inflammatory, oncolytic, antidiabetic, analgesic, dermatology, respiratory, and female healthcare. Teva USA has an aggressive Research and Development effort and one of the best overall ANDA approval records in the industry

AICC Member Mazor Surgical Begins an International Multicenter Clinical Trial

February 1, 2009

mazor1Mazor Surgical Technologies Ltd. has received approval from the ethical committee (Helsinki) of a leading hospital in Israel (Sheba Medical Center) to begin human clinical trial with the Mazor proprietary GO-LIF™ (Guided Oblique Lumbar Interbody Fusion) surgical procedure and implants. This approval allows surgeons to use GO-LIF procedure and Mazor proprietary screws in patients undergoing spinal fixation surgery. Mazor expects this study to demonstrate that the GO-LIF procedure is safe and efficacious leading to improve surgical outcome compared to current procedures. The GO-LIF procedure is an innovative spine surgical procedure developed by Mazor and in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, according to the strategic agreement signed in April 2008. This procedure enables spinal fixation by insertion of proprietary GO-LIF implants into the patient’s spine in a minimally invasive surgical technique and accurate guidance enabled by SpineAssist®, Mazor’s miniature robotic device. The GO-LIF clinical study will include additional surgeons and hospitals in 8 medical centers in Israel, Germany and later on in the US, pending additional Helsinki and IRB approvals.

Mazor Surgical Technologies was founded in 2001, and is dedicated to the research, development, production, marketing and sales of innovative medical devices for surgical procedures. Mazor’s proprietary technology enables a safer surgical environment for patients, surgeons and OR staff, by utilizing miniature robotic, imaging and implant technologies. Mazor’s corporate headquarters is located in Caesarea, Israel and regional offices are located in the Atlanta and Germany. Mazor Joined AICC in 2005 and Nancy Sousa, Mazor’s Chief Operating Oficer is a member of AICC Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Medical Committee.

Israeli Elmedical, Scorpion and BioActivity Present at AICC Medical Committee

January 10, 2009

At the January meeting of AICC’s Medical Committee, three Israeli medical device Israeli start-up companies presented to the members. The meeting was hosted by Eric Vayle  at the Buckhead office of Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, a real estate and investment management services firm that assists clients (including Israeli companies) with US office locations.  

Elmedical Ltd.

CEO Uzi Eshel presented this Hod-Hasharon-based developer of a doctor’s office-based system (console & catheters) that thermally treats bladder cancer and Prostatitis.  Elmedical’s proprietary innovative technologies, UniThermia and DuoThermia, covered by issued and pending patents, has unique advantages over current thermal-treatment devices for these diseases including FDA approved ones.  FDA recently approved a thermo-chemotherapy drug / device combination for bladder cancer – Synergo – which opens US opportunities for FDA accelerated approval and strategic partnerships.  Currently, Elmedical is focusing on bladder cancer and later will expand its activities in prostatitis.  The company currently has the CE mark and Israeli approvals and is already selling in Europe and Israel.   


General Manager Yaron Aizenbud presented this start-up located in the Misgav Venture Accelerator that has developed an innovative orthopedic and spinal anchoring system that has many advantages over the regular pedicle screw.  They include enhanced implant stability, resistance to loosening, better load distribution, better anchoring for osteoporotic bones, and a less invasive surgical approach enabled by the curved element design.   


CEO Yoram Izhaki presented this Rehovot-based start-up that is commercializing the A-Shield, a discovery of its founders that is a new method for killing bacteria and fungi without releasing any chemical into the surrounding environment or using any energy source.  It is being applied as a thin coating layer to a variety of products, providing them with long-lasting antimicrobial properties.  The initial application is for a urology catheter, and the initial test results have proven to be dramatic.  They expect to have an industrial prototype of the antimicrobial urinary catheter in four to six months, and then begin FDA filing.  Recent change in Medicare and Medicaid payment for CAUTI (catheter associated urinary tract infection), may cause increased interest in this type of product.

Israeli Headway Medical Joins AICC

January 6, 2009

headwayFounded in 2006, Headway was established to develop and market innovative medical solutions for management and treatment of chronic head and neck pain. The Company operates within the framework of Misgav Venture Accelerator at the Misgav Business Park in Israel. 

Headway has developed OcciflexT, an innovative patent-pending medical device that has been proven to be an effective treatment for patients suffering from chronic headaches and neck pain. OcciflexT is indicated for patients who present with migraines, tension-type headaches, medication over-use, myofascial pain syndrome, cervicogenic headaches, post-trauma, whiplash, cervical facet joint disorder and pain from post-spinal surgery.

Computer-controlled and programmable to meet individual patients needs, OcciflexT is designed to gently move the head along a three-dimensional course predefined by the practitioner. Occiflex’s unique head cradle may be adjusted to fit a patient’s head and neck.

Occiflex is designed for healthcare professionals such as physical therapists and pain specialists. Headway plans to develop a personal home-based version of Occiflex for the consumer market at a later stage.


  • Device Therapy: Non-invasive, naturally therapeutic, gentle and safe
  • Muscle Treatment: Restores normal neck muscle activation patterns
  • Treatment Optimization: Uses real-time patient data to provide optimal treatment
  • Pain Reduction: Passive movement, enabling a significant decrease of head and neck muscle activation which is crucial for a full span of muscle relaxation
  • User Experience: Creates a positive experience that will leave the patient eager to return for treatment
  • Cost-effective: Flexible and portable – easily attaches to treatment tables

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